Tree House RULES!

One of our favorite projects is a labor of love that Richmond began at the urging of his kids.  The tree house.

Tree houses have long offered a magical hideaway for children.  And, in more recent years, we’ve seen a groundswell of design and construction geared to adults looking for their own tree top experiences. Finished products can range from simple rustic spaces in the outdoors to Airbnb-worthy living areas that are loaded with modern creature comforts.    

Our design attempts to split the difference in appealing to kids and adults alike, and is decidedly skewed rural.  Although Richmond jokes that with a few upgrades, he could move in and pursue an arboreal existence in earnest.  (Maybe a good strategy during the kids’ teenage years.)

Built around a substantial red maple, the tree house overlooks a swimming pond on the property.  It features an Adirondack rail, and a climbing rope for the kids.  To help the structure blend seamlessly with the surrounding wood and the style of the main house, it is constructed of cedar and utilizes pine tongue and grove boards inside. 

In case you ever wondered what builders do in their spare time… 

Pictured below are the kids during the initial framing. (L to R) Delia, Eliza, and Declan with our dog Jack.