Our Services

We supply a range of products and services that reflect our focus on sustainable technologies and customized building solutions: 


NeW Homes

The majority of our portfolio is in new residential construction for clients looking to create beautiful, energy-conserving homes.  We know that the key to high-performance building is to focus first on the building envelope – walls, roof and foundation.  We offer experience producing super-insulated structures and healthy air exchange.  We utilize a range of green building materials and techniques from Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) and Photovoltaic Solar Panels to low Volatility Organic Compound (VOC) paints.  We also enjoy collaborating with clients and designers on where to situate a home on the property for energy gain.  


additions + renovations

Being located in coastal Rhode Island, where historic buildings predominate, we offer experience expanding and renovating older homes. Many of these projects integrate energy efficient technologies with classic architectural styles. We're also well versed in technologies and building approaches that can help homeowners address increasing vulnerability to sea level and coastal flooding along the shoreline. Throughout, we partner with clients and architects to ensure that a cohesive design is achieved. 


small icf structures

We offer ancillary building designs based on ICF construction that require no land purchase, qualify for energy tax credits and solve a number of issues confronting families today.  Through the design and construction of sustainable stand-alone structures on existing property, we are helping to address elderly care, home office and in-law living needs.  Our design-build process is controlled in house, so clients enjoy the benefit of cost and energy efficient structures with fast-track schedules and high quality control. 


Looking to the Future

We apply our passion for responsible building to constantly explore new technologies and systems that challenge our view of what is possible. Applying leading-edge approaches to help our clients control their energy costs is and will always be an integral part of the service we provide.